Here's some details of our server.

For more information, contact a member of the leadership team

 Technical Specifications

  • AMD Ryzen 9 5950X ( Dedicated Physical Core)
  • 10 GB DDR4 Memory
  • 100GB NVMe SSD
  • 1 GBit/s Connection
  • 40 Player Slots
  • Hosted by DedicatedMC


  • Anti-enderman grief -  Stops endermen from griefing
  • Anti-ghast grief - stops ghasts from griefing
  • Armor statues v2.8 - sign a book "statues" to get an armor stand book
  • Coordinates hud - type in /trigger ch_toggle to get a coordinates hud
  • Double shulker shells - Shulker shells drop twice
  • Dragon drops elytra
  • Durability ping - alerts the player when their tool durability is low
  • Fast leaf decay - Leaves decay faster
  • More mob heads- each mob has a chance of dropping a head
  • Multiplayer sleep - Only one player has to sleep for us to skip the night
  • Nether portal coords - allows you to show current coords in the nether
  • Player head drops - when you kill a player their head drops
  • Real-time clock silence mobs - rename a mob "silenced" and it will stop making noise
  • Spectator conduit/ night vision - Gives night vision to spectator accounts
  • Track raw statistics - adds more statistics to track
  • Track statistics - adds more statistics to track
  • Unlock all recipes - all recipes are unlocked for you already
  • Villager workstation highlights - do /trigger help to see how you can use it
  • Wandering trader heads - Wandering Traders give special player heads of blocks

Crafting tweaks

  • Back to blocks - you can turn slabs back into normal blocks
  • Dropper to Dispenser - you can turn a dropper into a dispensor
  • Straight to Shapeless - you can craft bread, and shulkerboxes in your inventory
  • Universal dyeing - you can undye wool, and powdered concrete
  • More trapdoors - gives you 12 trapdoors instead of 6
  • More bark - Gives you more bark blocks
  • More stairs - gives you 8 stairs instead of 4
  • More bricks - gives you 4 bricks instead of one
  • Unpackable nether wart - you can uncraft nether wart
  • Unpackable wool - you can uncraft wool
  • Unpackable ice - you can uncraft ice

Server plugins

CoreProtect - For logging player activity and rolling back griefs
DeluxeTags - For fancy tags
DiscordSRV - Connects the Minecraft server to the discord server
dynmap - A live view of the server in a google maps style view on a website
eGlow - Allows donors to glow
EssentialsX - Super-versatile plugin that adds a lot of quality of life improvements that also help moderation
InventoryRollback - Allows staff to rollback players inventories
JukeboxExtended - Allows us to make and implement custom music discs
JukeLooper - Allows you to use hoppers on jukeboxes
LuckPerms - Manages permissions
MyCommand - Allows us to make custom commands
OpenInv - Enables staff to see inside everyone's inventory and enderchest
PlayerParticles - Fancy particles for donors
TAB - advanced plugin that makes our tab look neat
WorldGuard - Allows us to protect spawn from griefers