Server Rules

While we like to keep a relaxed and open environment, there are a few basic rules to follow. We have strict measures in place to detect rulebreakers and they will be punished, to maintain peace and order across the Server

Chat Rules

  • Don't Be that person....  - we have no place on our server for Hate speech. (Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Transphobia, Xenophobia etc,)
  • Respect cultures - We have players from all around the world so please avoid topics based around politics or religion
  • It's not always Banter - What you say might seem harmless to you, but to some people it may be hurtful, so think before you speak
  • SFW only - People don't want to hear about gross gore or lewd content, so keep it out the chat.

If somebody says something you feel is inappropriate, take a  screenshot and share it with the leadership team.

No Griefing!

 All players have access to '/co inspect' which allows them to track items moved in and out of chests and blocks placed/broken. Staff have can take further investigative actions if required/ Griefing includes:

  • Allow Space! - Do not build a base within 500 blocks of another persons base without consent. If you feel a player is inactive, contact a member of staff.
  • Stealing - This applies to looting chests AND taking placed blocks
  • Respect other players property - Don't mine blocks, ignite TNT, kill mobs, or place any new blocks without consent.
    If you are at another players property and a creeper destroys some blocks, contact the player immediately if possible, place a sign at the site of damage AND notify a member of staff.
  • Player killing/Trapping - Killing a player without their consent for PvP is not OK. This includes trapping players. I you accidentally kill another player, all items must be returned, including the replacement of any items destroyed by Lava/Fire/TNT/Void.
  • Lava casts - These NOT allowed for any reason. They are messy, ugly and cause lag.
  • Withers - Do not summon Withers underneath the bedrock fountain in the End, skulls glitch through the portal. Do not summon withers in unprotected areas where they may roam and destroy property or kill players. Contact staff if any issues.

Hacking, Exploits and Duping

  • Hacked Clients - are not allowed for any reason. 3rd party Clients such as Badlion are OK, provided features do not give a distinct gameplay advantage. If in doubt, contact staff.
  • Exploits - anything that give any unfair advantage should not be used and if discovered should be reported to staff immediately. See Exceptions below (If found you have discovered an exploit and not notified us, you may be warned, EVEN IF you do not intend on using it.)
  • Duping - Duping items through any method is not permitted except in the exceptions outlined below.
  • Banned Mods - Mods such as X-Ray or Entity Tracking and more are not allowed view the full list of banned mods here.

Allowed Exceptions

  • Bedrock Breaking
  • End Portal/ Portal Frame Removal (not including the communal portal or Main island Gateways without prior approval from staff)
  • Update Suppression Machines (Please only use when server is quiet for lag reasons)
  • TNT Duping
  • Carpet Duping
  • Rail Duping


The severity of the Punishment will vary according to the rule broken and all instances are assessed on a case by case basis. We will only issue a punishment if we have 100% Tangible Evidence. Below are some common examples

  • Use of a Banned Mod/Hacked client - Instant Perm-Ban. No right to appeal
  • Griefing - Minimum 3 day Ban. Repeat offenses may result in Perm-ban. Appealable
  • Stealing -  Minimum 1 day Mute. Repeat offenses may result in Perm-ban. No right to appeal
  • Chat rule violation - Minimum 20 minute mute. Repeat offenses may result in Perm-mute. Appealable

Just a reminder, don't break the rules, you won't get away with it. We can and will find out if you steal, grief or use any unauthorized mods.